Who We're?

HAMSINI ENTERTAINMENT Ltd is a leading International Film Distribution , Live concert Production and line Company based out of UK, which releases Indian regional movies across all platforms around the world. Which has delivered ARR LIVE IN CONCERT 2017 LONDON, ANIRUDH LIVE IN CONCERT LONDON & PARIS 2018 , We hold the merit of distributing High Calibre Indian films providing the best customer experience. We function through a strong network of partners across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

We syndicate Indian films across the globe on various platforms like Theatre, Satellite TV and Video On Demand. We provide our content subtitled and dubbed in all languages around the world. Our focus is to deliver Films that appeals to the audience of all age groups across the world.


It's Who we are

Music is in our DNA. It’s where it all started for us, all those years ago, with the technical production of gigs, tours and festivals. We may have branched out into doing other things but, for us, there’s nothing better than being able to deliver a live music event for a crowd to indulge in audible sweetness.

Become awesome

It’s what we do that makes an event a show. It’s the show that sends a tingle down the spine. It’s the show that produces goose-bumps on the skin. It’s what we do at ON that turns a music event into a music experience. Creating awesome is what we do.

Putting on a show

It’s not just about the music. It’s about the show. We don’t just lay the cables. We’re about creating a music experience, an experience where the excitement and energy is intoxicating and the audience is always left craving for more. First up, we seek to understand; we understand how you want to express yourself. Next, we work with you to make sure the event has everything you need to make this happen. We create, design and build the stage, and the same for lighting and sound. We bring it all together and choreograph it, on the day, through live production management.

Hamsini Entertainment

Live concert Production